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Epson printer troubleshooting

Epson printer troubleshooting

a. Epson FAQ files We have previously commented on some problems with the new Epson Stylus Color 600 and 800 printers. For more information, check out the FAQ files that Epson has now posted. (Thanks, Michael Simmons.) They provide the answers to questions such as these:

Q: I installed the printer driver on my Macintosh, but it isn't showing up in the Chooser. What went wrong?
Q: Whenever I power up my Macintosh the printer switches from the printer port to the modem port. How can I correct this?
Q: I installed the printer on my Macintosh , but when I close the Chooser I get the error "Cannot identify your printer correctly. Make sure your printer is on and properly connected. Then use the Chooser to select the printer and port". What should I do?
Q: I already selected the Stylus icon in the Chooser. Why am I getting a message saying, "Sorry Stylus Color can't be used"?
Q: Sometimes I get garbage when printing from my Macintosh. Other times the printer will not print anything at all. What's wrong?

b. More advice from Epson Tech Support Regarding the garbage printing problem (and a possibly related problem of excessive head cleaning when the printer is first turned on), Michael Simmons reports getting advice from Epson Macintosh Tech Support that goes beyond what is mentioned in the FAQ file.

1) Make it a habit to leave the printer off until the OS is fully loaded. This should solve the "garbage" printing problem.

2) If #1 doesn't work, you can try to hard reset all the settings in the printer. To do this, you will need to hold down all 3 buttons(except for power) while turning on the printer. Keeping all 3 buttons down(while letting go of power), hold them down for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, let go of the three buttons, and quickly press and release the color cleaning button. The printer should go through a 10-20 second reset phase (if you did it correctly,) and hopefully everything will be solved!