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Epoz offers iPod dock with media streaming

Local company Epoz is releasing its newest iPod dock — the Aktimake Maxi — which boasts an FM radio and wireless streaming.

If you're looking for an iPod dock system and have been checking out the B&W Zeppelin, then you might be interested to know what else you can get for the same money.

Local outfit Epoz will be following up its successful Aktimate Mini system with a larger system called — you guessed it — the Aktimate Maxi. On display at CEDIA 2009, it's still essentially the same idea — an iPod stereo speaker system with amplification by hi-fi giant Creek &mdash but there are some significant tweaks.

Firstly, it contains an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connectivity, which will enable streaming and internet radio. To help with this, the system comes with an LCD screen for navigation. The system also offers two stereo RCA inputs, USB and an FM tuner.

All this for AU$999 and it's coming in October. More information as we get it.

The Epoz Aktimate Maxi boasts two speakers and an integrated iPod dock. (Credit: Ty Pendlebury)