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Episode 625: Whither

CBS laid off the Star Trek Web site staff. What gives? Plus, chip-shrinkage and encryption rights.

So CBS decided to lay off the Star Trek Web site staff. Don't they have a huge fan base to serve and a big movie coming out soon? I don't understand. We also have a story about how it's OK to Google yourself. In fact, it's a good idea. And you have a Fifth Amendment right to keep your passphrase secret. Thank the Constitution!


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Aneesh from Manhattan
One week of my life.

Wade from Seattle

Wii tip-off worked.

IE integrated with Windows
Do you remember what happened when the EU forced MS to unbundled Windows Media Player? MS made a new version, which most systems builders did not offer in their stores. Hmmm...

Well, I guess we should force MS to make a version of Windows without any Web integrations, and see how many of those are sold.

Has anyone done any programming with Visual Basic? The Web integrations make it easier to write programs to access the Web. That is what MS is trying to protect.

I think it would be funny if MS did not have any Web browser or integration preinstalled. I hope you have the browser you want on a disk, after no browser to browsing.

Who is Opera kidding when they said this is not about money? Of course it is they feel that if IE was unbundled more people would use their browser. Well I hate to tell them, but their browser is just OK.

I cannot tell you how many times I opened Windows Explorer and used it to browse the Web without having to open up IE. That is how I browse the Web about 90 percent of the time.

AGHHHHHHHHHH!! This is just so stupid.

Glenn from Chehalis, Washington

Protect your computer files!
Ref: 624
If you bring your computer in to anyone to have it worked on, make an admin account for their use, and make sure it does not have access to other users' folders.

Right-click your user folder -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Add -> Type Geeksquad username -> OK -> Check Deny for Full Control -> OK -> OK -> OK

Sysadmin in Minneapolis

Women love geeks...just a fad?


I ask Liz, a willowy blonde artist in her early thirties, what brought her here. A tip from her astrophysicist friend, Ben, she says. "He's one of the most famous astrophysicists in the world. He discovered a star when he was 22!" she gushes. But tonight Liz is here with a wingwoman ? a cute brunette with a pixie cut. They came for the lecture, but, says Liz, "I have a fantasy of meeting a really hot science guy." "Yeah," her friend chimes in, "Geek guys are mad hot."
These days, science cafes are popping up from San Fran to St. Louis, but they're not the only places geeks are getting action. Comic-Con, an annual comic book conference in San Diego, recently introduced singles events. And there's even a dating service catering to geeks now: Nerds at Heart, based in Chicago, where the cerebral-and-looking go to meet their match (while answering trivia or playing Scattergories).
I got many chuckles reading the article.

And I don't mean to gloat, but I did get a very direct compliment today the Dallas Museum of Art on how handsome I was. Hmmm...something's in the water--quick--to the Bat-lab! ;o)


P.S. Yes, I plan to see her again next week at a museum event. :) Incidentally, I'm looking for a someone to collaborate on kinetic art.

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Internet is heavy!!
Hey Tom (yeah, you!),

I just wanted to let you know that the Internet does have weight. This is in reference to your mention in 623 about how all that data wouldn't be a "metric ton." Of course, it wouldn't be a metric ton, but here is a nifty Discover article about the true physical weight of the Internet.

Otherwise, love the show,
Jimmy from Virginia

iTunes half-star ratings
Hey Buzzers,

It was discovered in the code long ago in iTunes that Half-star ratings are actually possible in iTunes. The graphics are there, the mathematical-system is there, it just doesn't allow you to access it through the GUI. Turns out the rating system is actually out of 50, and you can either a) manually edit the iTunes library XML file with the ratings as 35 for 3.5 stars, 45 for 4.5 stars etc., which is a pain, or b) if you're on a Mac, go to Doug's Applescript site and download "Assign Half Star" script to make things a bit easier on you.

Gabriel Jordan

Blue laser phaser
Hi there!

I enjoyed your podcast on 12/10 and you mentioned me and my Blu-ray Laser Phaser video.

Actually, I did not buy a PS3 to do this but purchased a laser assembly (Model KEM-400AAA) on eBay for $45. So yes, this project was under $100. Not bad since Blu-ray laser pointers cost about $2,000.

Just thought I would clarify that a bit.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Next Big Thing super-session??
Hey guys, you mentioned on show 623 that Molly was busy doing some feature for "Next big thing super-session" and I'm interested in watching that video but can't find it by searching for "Next big thing super-session CNET" both on the Web and on Where can I find this? Thanks!