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Episode 624: I can has monopoly?

We were just innocently chatting along when we identified the fact that our current economic order essentially mandates monopolies to fix our excessive government interference in free-market forces. Weird.

So, there we were, just innocently chatting along when we suddenly identified the fact that our current economic order essentially mandates monopolies as the only fix for excessive government interference in free-market forces. It was like, so weird! Oh, and your Wii might be filling your house with cockroaches.


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Bradley Manitoba
Couldn't they tell the bill was rising.

Rating game
iTunes dilemma

Alex Miami Beach
Black Friday IV! It just gets darker.

Merry Christmas!
Hi TJM! I prefer TJM because I use little tricks to remember things, and TJM is like ToeJaM, but I digress. I thought I'd help you out and give you some ideas about what you can give me for Christmas. No, not world peace (sooo played). I'd simply like an episode of BOL done entirely in Tom's pirate voice, Jason's monotonic robot voice, and Molly's drunk-girl voice. Instant classic! See? I'm easy. Love the show!

"Rob from Hoboken" (No, Tom, not ho-BO-ken, HO-bo-ken) :-)

Wii sales at Target
I work at Target, and I have information regarding the last shipment of Wii's before christmas!

This Sunday, upon the doors opening, all Targets nationwide will have a significant stock of Wii's (and, as far as I know, with no bundles).

Just to give you an example of volume, the Target I work at is smallish, and until yesterday we were told we would have 15 Wiis. we now have 66 in our stock room waiting for Sunday. We were also told that the biggest target in our town (Omaha, Neb. \o/ molly) was getting 93.

Team members can't buy these while on the clock, and have to stand in the que line just like everybody else wherein at least for our store, numbers will be passed out.

Just thought I would let you all know, and to reiterate, this is all but guaranteed to be the last shipment before Christmas!

Obligatory "Love the show" and "Keep up the good work."

Michael, the aspiring concept artist from Omaha!

Orb plus Winamp
Hi guys,

(Note to self: Be less of a Winamp fanboy!)

Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure the 30 seconds you mentioned are the speed measurement test that Orb automatically does. And I'm also guessing that it's always 30 secs, regardless of the lag or whatever. This is so you don't have to manually choose a streaming speed (or so they say). The point is, you only do this once and after that it's frankly more usable and faster.

Keep it up


OMG it finally happened!

Hmm at the beginning this was really annoying but now that its's kinda akward, haha, like my brain is programmed so that when I update my Facebook, I automatically adjust for the akward "is" inside the status updates.

-J. Wu

Mouse ambush on a cat No. 1
It's a squeak attack silly. Tom, you disappoint me.

Randy Napier

Speaking of a squeak attack

Apparently, they've already escaped into the wild. =)

Charles in SF

Arthur C. Clark's 90th b-day message...

Cool message from a wicked smart fellow. And...he sleeps/dreams for 15 hours a day! Now...that could be worth aspiring to, for some...