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Episode 623: Mouse ambush on a cat

While Facebook opens up, and Opera starts suing, Mice have become genetically fearless.

Today's news was not bereft of serious content. Facebook has decided to open up its app platforms to other social sites. Opera is suing Microsoft over the browser being integrated in Windows. And Laughing Squid won a staring contest with Best Buy's lawyers. However, the story that stymied us the most was the genetic manipulation of mice to make them fearless and the question posed by Shalin about what you call mice ambushing a cat.


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Tommy from Kingston
More Flash craziness.

John from somewhere
Open Hulu is donating to writers.

The Chad from San Antonio
Get rid of Windows "special offer" spyware.

Scott from St. Albert
Flash on Safari is a CPU hog.

MS points and hot dogs
It's basically the hot dogs and buns problem. 10 hot dogs and 8 buns. You keep having to buy more buns or hot dogs and the cycle never ends. Mmmm...Microsoft hot dogs!

Tarzana, California

Microsoft points
Just listened to the episode and it strikes me that while having a points value that's an even multiple of the U.S. dollar would help U.S. citizens, there are other countries (believe it or not) that use the Xbox whose currency would not be an even multiplier. Thus, by making it arbitrary, Microsoft has effectively spread the pain worldwide.

Arthur in Ottawa, Canada

Nintendo and MS points
The best reason for this system is so that items on Xbox Live are the same point price in every country. For example, most XBLA titles are 800 points and this is the same no matter where you are. So in theory, it's more of a currency than a credit system as it is independent of other countries' currency but base value is determined by them. And, in the same regard, Nintendo's Wii points are actually only 100 = $1 in America. Here is a link to the breakdown of points for Wii and MS in different countries. Love the show, keep up the partially inane dialogue you lot are known for.


Locked routers
Hi Buzz team,

My ISP migration over to Sky broadband completed today, but for some reason Sky insists you have to use their own supplied router. I planned on using my existing router as it is already set up to talk to my phone, wireless network, PS3 with the security settings I like, and on a channel that doesn't interfere with my wireless AV senders in the house. I know it's easy to set up a new router, but it would be so much quicker just to change the username and password and connect to the new service with my existing gear.

I spoke to Sky, having already checked before I ordered the service that I could use my own equipment (which was fine then), but today they told me that I don't have an ADSL user and password, the Sky router is simply plug-n-play. I did some research, and it seems that Sky are sending out routers preloaded with customers' individual connection details. You simply can't use your own. Apparently the earlier models were hackable, and you could extract a username and password from them to use with other hardware. This one, however, is not.

I've never heard of this before, and however much I hate to admit it, the new router is working fine. It just seems a little odd that they would do it.

Great show,

Simon, Surrey U.K.

Bad pun alert!
OK, so my boyfriend and I were listening to BOL 621. Molly and Tom started talking about how Ogg was removed from HTML5. I turned to my boyfriend and said, "Is there a wizard to remove Ogg? A wonderful wizard of Ogg?"

My boyfriend stuck his tongue out at me.

Lola, Cerulean's Love of Music
Ha ha, Molly you fell for my marketing trick, I am in fact the Webmaster at, and I wanted to push traffic for my new line of comical farting political figures.


Darn it, I was listening first thing in the morning while I drove to work after being kept up all night by a combination of my 7-week-old and 3-year-old who keep waking each other up, and now I can't believe that my first 'contribution' to the show was to have the mickey (deservedly) taken out of me for my childish brain.

I had not heard of either OR and now I am looking at both, all thanks to the trademark.

Mike the Englishman in Australia

Orb plus iPod
Hi guys,

I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to write to you on this, but the new Winamp has Orb built right in. And it works great!

I've also tested it with my brother's iPod Touch (using Wi-Fi) and it also works great!

In fact, it works so well, I'm guessing Apple will soon regret having included wireless networking on the iPod touch, if not picture this: why buy the 16GB model when you can buy the 8GB model, carry your favorite 8GB of songs with you and then stream the ones you don't listen to as often! iPod Touch + Winamp FTW!!

Keep it up,

Vasco from Portugal

PS - If you would like to check the whole Orb thing's the link:

Japanese create "fearless" mice--robot domination plans now on hold...
Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up.


Japanese scientists say they've used genetic engineering to create mice that show no fear of felines, a development that may shed new light on mammal behavior and the nature of fear itself.
So, what do you call a mouse ambush on a cat?