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Episode 617: Windows apps on a Mac?

Is Apple working to enable native Windows app compatibility in Leopard? Probably not. But that would be sweet.

Is Apple working to enable native Windows app compatibility in Leopard? Probably not. But that would be sweet. In other news today, Nielsen, of all sources, is preventing pracy via digital watermarking, the DOJ is all for crazy-huge punishments for copyright violation, and one little British village wants off the map.


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Anonymous Darwinist

James from Irvine
I hate music.

I am a pirate.

Hitman for hire
I understand your concerns as journalist with regards to the possibility of CNET censoring unfavorable reviews on your part. Just wanted to let you know that if you have a comment that you are unsure will raise the ire of your employer, you can turn to me to be your hitman. Acting sort of like a hockey enforcer, I'll blast the product or service to smithereens under the guise of a concerned and or outraged listener while remaining in the safety and security of my central Texas fortress. Just think, Canada didn't come after me for my "one cent" comment. What is CNET going to do?

Vic the Texas rancher pilot

Bring on the Beacon!
I feel compelled to write this e-mail because I think I'm the only person on Earth who actually likes the idea of Beacon. Facebook knows everything about me! Including many very personal things. This includes my relationship status, my wall, and some pictures that let's say I wouldn't want to my parents to see. I'm sorry Tom, but who really cares if your Facebook friends found out that you saw Enchanted. If this bothers you, turn off your newsfeed. If your concern is that Facebook will sell your personal information without your consent, I have a question. Are you really surprised? I would be shocked if Facebook didn't sell my information at some time in the future. I may be the only person in the world who does it, but I'm going to opt in to Beacon.

Josh from Poughkeepsie

WMA on a Mac
Sorry to break it to you, but you can't play protected WMA on a Mac-- certainly not the most recent PlaysForSure content. These days, you have to use the third-party Flip4Mac plug-in that adds Windows Media to QuickTime. But, perhaps to no one's surprise, it can't play DRM Windows Media files.

But is Mac support really the issue with Comes With Music? For me, the real problem is more just the concept of tying my access to music to a particular device--it makes the whole iPod/iTunes link-up seem open! What if I want to switch to a phone that doesn't support WMA songs? I've just paid for a slew of music that won't work anymore and I've got a janky phone I don't want in the process.

Jon the news blogger
Ottawa, Canada