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Episode 600: TiVo is watching YOU

TiVo plans to give advertisers detailed personal info about you, but is also offering lifetime service packages. Hmm. Stalemate.

TiVo plans to give advertisers detailed personal info about you, but is also offering lifetime service packages. Hmm. Stalemate. In other news, screenshots of the first app for Android phones, and will Digg be sold? Oh, and Brian Cooley offends all of Europe. Get your emails ready!


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Scott from Orange
Personal responsibility, people!

Bruce in Kansas City
Apple will do the tablet correctly.

Paul from Jersey
Android on the iPhone?

Facebook censors Ron Paul
Hello, I wanted to e-mail to let you guys know about an issue that has taken place within the Facebook community.

They have made their search engine to block the Congressman Ron Paul for President 2008 group from returning when you search for "Ron Paul". Just yesterday I was able to get to the group through searching for "Ron Paul"; now nothing returns with any relation to the group.

Searches conducted using the words "Congressman" or "Paul" still return the group, however it appears they are blocking the group from returning when you search for "Ron Paul". I find this disgusting that the networking site would decide to take part in some form of Censorship. If they can make a little "tweak" to their search, I would not want to find out what other little "glitches" they would try to fake to edit their search results. This appears to be a blatant attack on First Amendment rights where we should have the freedom to create, join, and publicize a group of our choice, without censorship.

I ask that you possibly mention something about this issue during your show. It would be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but from the large supporters of Ron Paul.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Sean-William Goodale

Subscription music plan
Molly and Jason,

On episode 599 you mentioned something about subscription, all-you-can-eat music plans. I recently bought a first-gen Zune when they were $100 on To put music on my Zune, I had to use the Zune software. The Zune marketplace offers a subscription plan called Zune Pass for $15 a month that lets you download all the music that you want. Most of all the music that I wanted was available, with the exception of a few bands like Metallica. I have downloaded almost 30 albums this month alone! Just thought you should know. Love the show.

Dan the computer forensic technologist

Deep thoughts
Wouldn't it just suck if the OLPC "mass production" was being done by child sweat shops in some foreign land? Do we know where and how these things are actually being built? I'm just saying.

Pasadena, Maryland

Happy 600!!
Tom, Molly, Rafe, Caroline, and Jason,

Congrats on episode 600! I love BOL, and I am lucky to work here and meet you guys. Sometimes I feel empty if I don't hear it. The Earthlink commercial, the goofy commentary, and Jason's much-welcomed interruptions define the quality of my day!

If I had one wish, it would be to hear BOL live every day. That would make it even more awesome. I bet it would be hard to do that everyday, but I think it would attract more listeners.

Just a suggestion. Hope you guys are having a wonderful morning, and I look forward to 100 more episodes.

Your pal on the second floor,