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Episode 598: Android overlords?

Either Android (Google's phone platform) will take over the world, or the robots befriending our toddlers will.

Either Android (Google's phone platform) will take over the world, or the robots befriending our toddlers will. Either way, we're headed for a takeover of the technology variety. In other news, secret Asus sources say they're building an Apple tablet. Huh. Really? Ok. If you want to.


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We just need a specific lane for auto-driving cars.

This is not like a bus. Gas use will go down. And people like me could drive!

This is Shalin (psych!)
Dave from LA

The Google software for phones is released under open-source license with no restrictions.

Could there be free or cheap ad-supported cell phone service?

Mobile devices
I work in a medium-sized company who has recently taken on the project of writing an application for a portable device. We have two strains of this software, one for Linux, and one for Windows. The Linux port took about six weeks. The Windows port has been in the works for three years. Rarely known to developers, Windows Mobile limits each process to 32MB of RAM. This is one of the many limitations of Windows. Also, not all variants of hardware which run Windows Mobile are compatible. For developers this causes a huge pain. Palm OS has frequent hacks required in order to support the simplest apps. Linux is the only OS which we can easily implement on the mobile platform and have it spread.


Well, actually

You threw a flag for a victory dance in episode 597. You stated that this was a 5-yard penalty. Well actually, it would be for unsportsmanlike conduct, which would be a 15-yard penalty.

Nick in Kalamazoo

Correction about WGA strike caller
I'm sure you guys got a ton of e-mails about this, but the guy who e-mailed in and said all of these shows would soldier on through the rest of the season with no problems was dead wrong.

The TV Grid

If you watched TV last night, you obviously saw all the late night shows are in reruns (I didn't catch Leno or Letterman, but Conan, Daily Show, Craig Ferguson, etc., all appeared to already be in reruns). Soaps will go in the next couple of weeks. And as you can see from that chart, very few shows have full seasons done. There's already a story out from one of TV Guide's bloggers that Heroes is shooting an alternate ending for an episode on December 3 that would serve as the season finale, cutting out a sizeable chunk of episodes if the strike goes on.

This isn't a good thing.

Chris Littmann

Flux capacitor
Hey guys,

Yesterday, you guys forgot to mention the anniversary of a red-letter date in the history of science! Doctor Emmett Brown invented the flux capacitor on November 5, 1955. I nearly fell off my hoverboard when I realized you didn't mention it, but thanks to Doc Brown, you can always go back and fix it.

Love the show,
Blacksburg, Virginia