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Episode 585: We love you, too

There. We said it. Don't get scared off. But we love you, you crazy monkey pirates, you. Except you 911 hackers. You, we don't love.

After all these years, it only seems fair to tell it like it is. We love you guys, too. Except the creeps who think it's like, super l337 to hack 911 systems and send SWAT teams to the homes of, say, parents with sleeping children who are then handcuffed and detained because of your horrid little prank. You, we do not love. You make us want to call Game Over on our big life simulation. We clear? Cut it out.


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A file is a file and file.

3rd party apps OS X.

Molly played bass.

The push for Linux on the desktop
Hi Tom and Molly,

I am a Linux fanboy and I definitely have to disagree with the statement that there hasn't been a push for Linux on the desktop. Molly did answer well with SUSE and Red Hat notions but let's look a bit further. Mandriva, formerly Mandrake, made its purpose to bring Linux to the consumer desktop. Lycoris, Lindows, and Xandros all tried to make very Windows-friendly versions of Linux. Xandros even integrated CodeWeavers CrossOver Office to allow for Microsoft Office to be used.

Love the podcast,
The Bad Llama

Inadvertent file sharing
Hello Jason, Tom, and Molly

I am browsing through the iTunes libraries of my co-workers, and I noticed a new computer on the shared list. I clicked on it, expecting to find the usual John Mayer and Faith Hill, but instead found messages from her voice mail. She apparently opened the files in iTunes (which are e-mailed from our voicemail system), not realizing that iTunes doesn't just play the files, but imports them into your library, and had her entire library set to share (which only includes the four voicemails). So now she is in a situation where she is unknowingly sharing files.

Well, keep up the great work.

Philadelphia, PA

Japanese singer Hatsune Miku
Hello Tom, Molly,

This is Masahiro from Tsukuba City, Japan.

I've been listening to Buzz Out Loud for studying English for almost one year. Thanks for you guys, my English skill has improved, maybe.

Anyway, do you know Japanese singer Hatsune Miku? She is getting popular here in Japan. She has great voice and beautiful blue hair and eyes. Many Japanese are addicted to listening to her voice letting her sing a song which they make by themselves.

She is not a real girl. She is a computer software. You can make a song using the software and even let her sing the song.

Japanese company Crypton released the music compose software "Hatsune Miku" at a price at 16,275 yen using voice synthesis technology developed by Yamaha, and sold more than 10,000 packages in Japan.

There are bunch of songs sung by Hatsune Miku on YouTube.

Try listening to them.


Masahiro Yamaguchi

RE: "Love the show!"
Dear JaMoTo!

Hope ya'll are well. I have a little something that I think you guys would have fun with and I wanted to send it to you guys via mail and I was wondering what address to send it to. I have looked up the CNET address but I am worried that I might not make it to you guys. Being that you guys are part of a 'LARGE ORGANIZATION.'

Again... its a little surprise that will solve some of Molly's concerns regarding upcoming purchases. hehehehe

RE: "Love the show!"

Really... I do! I know a few weeks ago that guy said that we always say we love the show at the end of our comments/messages... but what else are we supposed to say? "I like the show"? We have all been through "those" relationships and we know that when one person says "I like you" and the other says "I love you" things get uncomfortable really quickly! Not to mention the awkward silence and shifty glances!

Which makes me wonder if you guys love us.... I mean.... we always say that we love you! but you guys never say it back!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! please don't tell me! I don't want to know! Lie to me! LIE TO ME! I rather keep things as they are. We don't need to move to the next level.... I am happy with whatever you want! Please don't dump us! PLEASE!

ae in Van

PS: I love you guys! :D

Thought-reading, brain-injection, and giant tech stuff
Hey Tom, Molly and Jason,

I had this dream last night filled with intrigue, sci-fi thought-reading/thought-injection, and giant tech stuff, and after listening to the mind-control, Google brain search, share-music-in-your-head thing, I HAD to tell you guys.

I was explaining the principles of thought-reading to someone, which, for some reason, was similar to using an NAS drive. But I failed to remember, until it was too late, that this was a bad idea because, A) thought-reading was supposed to be secret, B) this person, like everyone else, was not who she said she was, and C) they can READ MY THOUGHTS. So, because I screwed up by leaking this super-huge secret, they injected my brain with songs I didn't like. The first time I woke up, "All Out Of Love," by Air Supply, played over and over in my head until I fell asleep again, and the second time I woke up, a strange mesh of "Piano Man" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was stuck in my head. Also there was a giant iPhone and some new thing from Verizon that is shaped like my DVD player's remote, only it swivels around to become longer for some reason, but I don't think they were battling because the iPhone (not Brian Cooley) was 6 feet tall and the remote thing was no longer than a light saber.

I may need to stop listening to tech podcasts and/or watching Chuck. (Maybe this would be better suited for EMW, but my dreams can't rival Rogers'.)

Kacee from Aberdeen

Name for a human-robot dating service
I know this is a couple of days old, but I thought of a great Web 5.0 name (because there will be at least 3 more Web X.0 bubbles between now and then) for a Human-Robot dating service. How about ;-)

Love the show. Have Jason on more. :-P

Jason H
Orange, TX