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Episode 579: New rule: All music on floppies

Art-house music compression scheme gives rise to disastrous new RIAA plan?

Could an artsy-fartsy plan to release music on an "almost obsolete format" turn out to be the surefire DRM scheme the RIAA has been waiting for? Wow, we hope not, or we're going to have to dust off some geezer computers. Also, this one juror really hates Jammie Thomas. Like, really.


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Don from Montana
A thought about pictures under the same rules as music.

Google chaser.

Jason from Marietta, Georgia
A costly game with music.

BOL blog
Hey BOLers,

I love the new blog site. Very easy to find information that you covered on the show.

I do have one suggestion. Can you please put your contact information on the site. I could not find an e-mail address, phone number, or anything on the new site.

Dean in Minnesota

Car disabler
Greetings from the U.K.,
Listening to the podcast and you were talking about a product that allows remote disabling of cars. Am I the only one who thought of those scenes at the start of Battlestar Galactica where all the Vipers got turned off by the Cylon overlords?
Don't network the cars!

in sunny Sussex (U.K.)

Reason for Vista features in XP
Hey BOL,

Microsoft is making a smart decision in backporting the Vista features to XP. To me, this seems to be a big step in moving business to Vista. By including the same security features in XP, businesses will see no reason to continue to order XP on new systems (like my employer just did), and Microsoft will be able to finally kill it off instead of continuing to push back the support deadline for XP due to demand.


Two things
Hey BOLers,

Two things for you. First, I think you missed the big issue with not being able to modify or edit Amazon's MP3s--ringtones. Wouldn't that be the most popular way to edit these files? Secondly, Molly's idea of a fantasy congress is a great idea. It was so great that when techpriest mentioned that he had joined one and created a BOL league on FantasyCongress.com back on episode 343, I joined. Months later, there are only three people that are on it, and I haven't checked in months. Regardless, it is still a good idea. Love the show.

Greg from Portland

BOL gang,
I was just listening to episode 578 on the way home from taking my two little ones to school, and a happy thought occurred to me. The chuckles I get for the indeterminate length of your podcast are not unlike the continuous chuckles I get from my two little cookie crunchers--that is, when they are not causing me to pull my hair out. I am learning more about the tech world as well as being entertained. For that, I thank you.

Victor the Texas rancher/airline pilot

P.S. One cent, one cent, one cent, one cent. Take that, Canada. Come to Texas and get me...if you dare.

HD VMD on Amazon!
Here's the link.

Thanks for being just the best podcasters ever!

Hi to all the crew.

Hi Buzz Out Loud people.
This is Rodrigo, I'm writing you about episode 578 and the Canadian mint. I live in Chile, and something similar happened here about a month ago.

BancoEstado (the state's bank) had publicity displaying images that were similar from current notes, and our Central Bank threatened to sue BancoEstado if they didn't take out all references to the images since the notes are protected by copyright laws.

So basically, the government threatened to sue themselves over copyrighted material that wasn't originally created, makes historical references, and the creators of some of those images have been dead for over 100 years.

That's it--thanks, Buzz Out Loud crew. Love the show. Bye,

Hi Molly and Tom,
"Presence" is not a Web 2.0 term, nor is it a fancy label about Internet presence.

With Jaiku being in Finland, Nokia land, presence is a feature where you get to set your status of availability from your phone as it connects to a presence server. It's stupid and will probably die as very few operators have adopted it around Europe. The idea is, if two contacts are on a presence server, then if one is calling the other whose presence is, let's say, "in a meeting," then they will get notified before making that call. You can also share that "presence" online.

It's like IM, but on your phone. Service works on GPRS.

May the service be with you!

Fawzi Rahal