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Episode 575: Reply to all

Breaking news: Reply-all epidemic spreads, hits Homeland Security. Nation at risk. Further updates as events warrant.

Breaking news: Reply-all epidemic spreads, hits Homeland Security. Nation at risk. Further updates as events warrant. Sports and weather are next. And later tonight, would you store your health records on a Microsoft server? One podcaster says, "Not if my life depended on it."


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Isaac from Minneapolis
I bought a Zune.

Isaac, part 2
I hate Zune.

Tyler from Sacramento
I want Molly to quit--Urban Dictionary.

Jay from Philly
DHS reply to all fiasco.

Apple is causing rising crime rates.
Scott Jagow: Violent crimes are on the rise for the first time in a decade. The latest FBI statistics show an increase in robberies in particular. Hmmm. Why would that be the case?

A new report from the Urban Institute has an answer: The iPod. I've had mine stolen, so I'm not gonna argue with that suggestion. But let's bring in our economics correspondent, Chris Farrell. Chris, how do you explain this iCrime wave economically?

Hmmm...Molly rant in 3...2...1...?



My very first "well, actually"
Greeting Buzz crew,

I was glad to hear Molly make the comparison of lost digital music to lost shoes. You see, I work at the iTunes Music Store Support. A caller mentioned that, unlike the iTunes Store, you can't download your purchases again from the Amazon store. He mentions that he went through the Terms to find this. Well actually, he should have read the Terms for the iTunes Store as well. No redownloading from there either. See specifically Section 9a of the iTunes Store Terms of Service.

I'm constantly getting e-mails from people who say they should be entitled to download their purchases a second time because they spent $100, $300, or "I'm a good customer" (even though by getting what they ask for has made them cost us money rather than earn us money) and it baffles me every time. Molly finally said what I have been dying to say for the past year. They wouldn't dream of going to Best Buy to ask for a refund or replacement of all the CDs that got stolen or were lost, but they ask us and expect it to happen. My attitude is, if that amount of money is so much that you can't afford to lose what you bought with it, you should secure it. You spend hundreds a year insuring a car against loss, but these people can't be bothered to spend two bucks on CDs to back up the hundreds of dollars worth of music because customers still don't see digital music as a real product. Can you blame record companies for thinking this isn't a real market?

You guys keep going on about how record companies don't get it when it comes to taking digital sales seriously (and I agree) but I need to point out that customers also don't get it; they don't seem to consider digital content to be a real item, to be a product like any other. Until they do, I can understand a businesses reluctance to change a business model that has been making money for years. I'm beginning to suspect that they're smarter than we give them credit for. I think that maybe they're better at reading the psychology of the customer base than we (meaning BOL as a group mind) are capable. We are spoiled by being a group that actually knows about technology and how it works in the world.

OK, a "well actually" and Molly-rant, I finally feel like a real part of the Buzz Out Loud family.

640GB flash card blows hard drives away
Wow, I shudder to think what this might cost!

Cnet User: Ozyman4269
AKA Charlie in Phuket

Laserdisc skeet shooting
Hey Tom, Molly, and Jason (who might as well be an official member of the Buzz crew now),

Why use the very large, expensive, and easy-to-hit laserdiscs as improvised skeet when you can go down to your local Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and pick up a couple handfuls of AOL CDs for free? They are smaller targets so they are more of a challenge, and much easier to throw without breaking. Also, Tom asked if the discs would break when you shot them. Well, I've used them in the past as targets for my .22 and most of them shatter whenever you hit them. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work.

- Jason from Birmingham, Alabama