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Episode 53: Road Testing the iPhone 5C

We play with a Wii U and an Atari at a high-tech hotel, take the iPhone 5C for a day on the town, and wonder how our GoPros have survived after all we've put them through.

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Given that the Bay Area's home to countless entrepreneurs, computer programmers, and just plain geeks, it's no surprise that our local hotels are starting to follow suit. Hotel Zetta's just a couple blocks away from the CNET headquarters and is helping lead the way by making technology a priority in the hospitality industry. They keep it fresh with Wii Street U, Livescribe Echo smartpens, and an old phone booth equipped with a tablet for skyping. They also sport some old-school vibes like Ataris and record players. Oh yeah, and there's a giant Plinko game that takes up an entire wall of the lobby.

A green-and-blue iPhone 5C puts on its best Croc face.

Amid all this Apple buzz, we got our hands on one of those sprinkle-colored phones that they've been hammering home on the TV waves. Yep, the iPhone 5C sure is flashy. And after you slap on one of those Connect Four-looking cases, it's not supercheap, either. We're not saying the 5C is a bad phone, but unless you're hellbent on looking like a teenager from the '80s, you should be fine with your current 5.

A month or two ago, probably while one of our GoPros was sparring with a kickboxer, freezing in a river, or surviving a giraffe attack, we decided we wanted to make a compilation of all the turmoil our humble action cameras have endured over five seasons. It took some serious footage diving to find the best clips through dozens of torture-testing endeavors, but we believe we've gathered the best. Plus, after all the mountains, oceans, and busy streets we've traversed, we haven't lost a one!

In the mailbag, Aaron H. writes a civilized critique of the Lumia 1020 review and gets a civilized response.

That's it for this week! Thanks for watching, and see you next Tuesday!