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Episode 51: Drones and the S4 Active

Molly flies a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles with some professionals before a mini Molly rant and an unboxing of the Galaxy S4 Active.

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We believe it won't be long until human civilization goes full "Fifth Element"-style and takes most everything to the skies (we know, those were just really tall buildings). While unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have been making headlines frequently over the last few years for a slew of negative reasons, they're also delivering pizzas in a very high-tech fashion. For this week's future tech, we visit the crew at 3D Robotics in Berkeley, Calif., to hear their take on the future of UAVs. Oh yeah, they give us a pretty stellar, Oculus Rift equipped flight demo to boot.

Regardless of where you stand with drones, it's naive to deny the mischievous ways the little helicopters can be used. So for the people who worry about the privacy and potential surveillance issues that drones stir up (and for the people who apparently don't mind dealing with those pesky pizza delivery boys), we take to another installation of the Molly Rant. On a behind-the-scenes note, our production assistant, Nic, had quite a time trying to keep that smartphone-controlled drone from dive-bombing Molly's neighbor's back yard some hundred feet below her deck. "Spying on you? Of course not!"

Close up of the bad boy Nic almost sent crashing to the depths of the neighbor's lawn.

We're just about through unboxing the enormous Galaxy S4 family, but not quite yet. This week we get our hands on the ruggedized Galaxy S4 Active. While it's just about on par with Samsung's flagship S4, we can't help but think why all phones aren't construction grade from the get go? Or, if they're almost the same phone, but one can go swimming, why not buy the one that can handle your everyday life?

In the mailbag this week, a viewer writes in to voice his melancholy over Jeff's departure from Always On. We can't blame Tom for his concern. We miss Jeff as well. Check out the new stuff he's got going on at!

That's it for this week! As always, thanks for watching and tune in for Episode 52 next Tuesday!