Episode 49: Moto X goes socialite, high-tech parking, and a Glass mini-rant!

Parking: revolutionized. Google Glass: not ready for prime time. Moto X: karaoke girl's best friend? Watch and see.

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This week's episode marks our first cross-brand promotion! I talked about our high-tech parking story on the Marketplace Tech Report from American Public Media, which aired the same day as this new episode.

I was quite proud of that bit of synergy, and of course it means the story is just that cool. Between apps that let you pay for parking and re-up when you run out to sensors embedded in the ground that collect data about parking patterns in an entire city, parking is about to undergo a welcome revolution. I, for one, think marriages could be saved -- maybe even lives. That's no exaggeration.

Every good happy hour ends in karaoke. (Sigh.)
Every good happy hour ends in karaoke. (Sigh.) CNET

Also this week, the Moto X comes out on the town with me and a girlfriend (supervising producer Allison Tom) to see if its customizations, voice recognition, and cute little camera tricks make it the right phone for a night out -- because let's be honest, selfies and party tricks are the best possible uses for smartphones at this stage in the game.

And introducing a new segment here on Always On that I think you'll enjoy: Mini Molly Rants! My target this week is Google Glass, which I really, really wanted to love, and which I now think is a danger to pedestrians, drivers, and almost all human relationships. Enjoy!