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Episode 38: Google's ChromeBook Pixel gets the ultimate road test

In this week's episode, we unbox the Galaxy Note 8 at a motorcycle club, give the ChromeBook Pixel to three civilians to try out, and head to Houston for the first leg of Jeff's trip to NASA.

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This week's episode kicks off with our first ever unboxing performed in a motorcycle club. Yep, we went down to Piston and Chain in San Francisco to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The 8-inch tablet sure is pretty, but with a hefty price tag it will have a tough battle against its strongest competitor, the iPad Mini. However, the Note 8 should expect a road test from the Always On crew in the very near future.

The Pixel looked pretty fresh during our unboxing, but can it handle the real world?

Next up, the Google ChromeBook Pixel endures a grueling, three person road test. Molly couldn't contain herself when this thing came out of the box, but its holiday with our testers wasn't quite so rosy. The Pixel traveled between the Pac 12 Network, a photographer's work station, and a few open houses on the market in San Francisco. We're sad to say the reactions across the board preferred to leave the Pixel on the shelf.

Finally, we get the first look at Jeff's trip to NASA. "Ten-year-old me, eat your heart out," as he put it, pretty much sums up his experience. He got to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston to give NASA's new Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) a test drive. He even got to sit alongside real life astronaut, Michael Gernhardt. The two man dream team cruised over the surfaces of the Moon and Mars, right here in the USA! So stay tuned, because this NASA trip is far from over.

In this week's mailbag, a viewer tells us of his concern that the Nexus 4 is as slippery as wet soap. Then, a work out enthusiast who's recently jumped in the hot tub with his fitbit and phone still attached, suggests we torture test fitness gadgets. Sounds good to us! That's all for now, thank you guys for watching!