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Episode 34: The MacBook Pro rocks and rolls!

In this week's episode, we manhandle a MacBook, let some San Franciscans try out the LG Optimus G Pro, and explore the newest ways you can find out all the stuff about your body you never wanted to know.

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It's safe to say that upon our arrival at American Soil and Stone, we thought the MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display's fate was pretty much sealed. With so much equipment capable of tearing down a house around, the MacBook's chances of survival were slim to none. However, after an epic onslaught of perhaps the heaviest artillery we've ever thrown at a gadget, we were shocked at the computer's toughness.

While it's currently in the ICU, you guys will have the chance to give it some TLC, and hopefully nurse it back to health. Yep, we're bringing back the Always On sweepstakes! Stay tuned to the blog this weekend for further instructions.

The MacBook Pro withstood a 1,400-pound boulder to hopefully get into your arms. Now help it fully recover!

For a Road Test this week, the LG Optimus G Pro goes hand-to-hand with a beer sales rep, a film student, and a GameSpot editor. We asked our testers to keep the phablet's design, features, and usability in mind while going about their daily routines. When the day was finished, their opinions differed just as much as their career choices. Also, during our test, we accidentally discovered the phone's very strange pull-out antenna, which instantly took us back about three decades.

While we're not sure if anything can beat the tube-nose procedure Molly endured at Stanford last season, tubes are back with a vengeance in Health Tech this week. This particular tube involves Molly, spit, and 23andMe, a DNA testing kit. To seek out more data many would prefer to remain blissfully unaware of, we visited Withings and Azumio for the latest in quantified self technology. The endeavor reveals an iPhone-connected blood pressure monitor, a saliva-powered way to learn more about your ancestry, and a mobile face scanner to find your pulse.

In the mailbag, a viewer from Peru may or may not have dropped a gadget in the toaster and wants us to do the same. Meanwhile, we set our sights on TVs for future torture tests, and a fan suggests an earthquake (albeit a "very, very, very small" one) as a culprit. Well, we are in the Bay Area after all, folks. That's all for this week-- thanks for watching!