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Episode 31: BlackBerry Z10 vs. BlackBerry Z10 in Barcelona

In this week's episode, Molly and Jeff are set loose on the streets of Barcelona with only the BlackBerry Z10s as their guide, and back at home, they unbox the new and supposedly waterproof Sony Xperia Z.

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Always On's last gig in Barcelona veers away from Mobile World Congress and lands Molly and Jeff in the streets of Barcelona with only their BlackBerry Z10s to guide them. While an Amazing Race-style mission involving lunch under the famous Arc de Triomf and a Spanish ragtime band at La Catedral should have had our hosts overflowing with enthusiasm, the BlackBerry Z10 had other plans.

Whether it was an inability to map the crew a half-mile east, wacky gesture control, or wildly imbalanced NFC photo exchange rate, BlackBerry's comeback kid left us lost in a strange land. Never the less, it was still exciting to behold Jeff's belief that churros are in fact a weird food (much to Molly's chagrin), as well as witness production assistant Nic Henry's stunning resemblance to a Catalan pickpocket. If you look close enough, you might see Nic in the background, equipped with his "creeper beanie," waiting to strike. Also, the Z10's burst-photo mode was pretty cool, too.

Image: Doing the awkward NFC dance.
Doing the awkward NFC dance.

Later in the show, we unbox Sony's new smartphone, the Xperia Z. Molly is sold almost instantly when she discovers the phone's raised power button. Seriously, she loses it over that thing. In the end, we deem the Xperia Z a contender. Plus, with its supposed water resistance, the Z's just begging for a torture test. Word around here is, one's already in the works.

In the mailbag, Molly addresses the controversial iPhone-with-a-case vs. the snowmobile question, and takes some criticism for her apparently less-than-authentic pronunciation of Barcelona's world-famous seafood dish, Paella (pronounced "pah-EH-YA"). That's all for this week -- enjoy, and gracias!