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Episode 17: Kindle-palooza!

This week we have Amazon on the brain, and decided to take on two of the four new kindles announced last month.

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Last month's CEO Jeff Besos, unveiled the new Kindle line, complete with new updates to the current Kindles and an 8.9" Fire. Naturally, Molly bought all of the new kindles, including the "revolutionary" Paperwhite!

We unboxed the 7" Kindle Fire a few episodes back, and now it was time to enter it into our torture chamber. That Kindle Fire really took a beating from us, and we were all shocked to see it survive. I personally would be using it right now, but agree with Molly. It's just too WIDE to hold. Hand cramping for sure!

On the other hand, I did take the Kindle Paperwhite off Molly's hands and have been using it since we shot the official unboxing segment. I'm truly loving this device and completely forgot how much I like reading on E Ink devices (I currently own an iPad and Nexus 7). The light on the Paperwhite is a bit shocking at first, but takes no time to get used to. It's also a tiny bit heavier, than I thought it would be. But, I'm loving it and if it wasn't for the rumored iPad mini, I would buy this in a heartbeat! I'll just keep using it until Molly asks for it back

Our Kindle Paperwhite in action EIleen Rivera

Also, on the show Sharon Vaknin shows you how easy it is to record live TV onto your PC. It's a great tip for cord cutters, or if you just want to record TV programs and easily move them onto your phone or tablet. But as Sharon says, make sue to get an external hard drive if you record a lot of content.

Finally, we take the Lytro camera on a field trip! Three consumers give us their "out of the box" experience. We shot that segment in August, and Lytro recently issued an update for manual controls on the camera. I wonder if this would have made a difference for our road testers?

Don't forget we're still looking for Kindle Fire 7" HD wild card test suggestions. Send them along to I hope you enjoy this week's episode!