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Episode 15: Molly gets her iPhone 5

On this week's episode, I unbox my brand-new iPhone, Jeff Cannata tortures the Nokia Lumia 900, and Sharon Vaknin does construction.

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I really wasn't going to order an iPhone 5 -- I stayed up until midnight on pre-order night to order two unlocked versions, one to unbox, and one to torture, and then realized the unlocked versions weren't available.

So, I now own one, but I do think that makes this week's Unboxing more exciting, because of my personal stake in the whole thing.

Speaking of exciting, for those of you who requested that we torture test the Nokia Lumia 900, here it is! Jeff Cannata takes over this one, and I think he's really getting the hang of it...even if his hammering is a little bit tentative. At first. Yes, I said hammering.

New 3D technology transforms the home computer
Leap Motion's David Holz demonstrates 3D motion-sensing and motion-control technology.

In Future Tech this week, I paid a visit to Leap Motion to try to find out what tech is going on inside The Leap, the amazing little device that will bring ultraprecise motion control to computers everywhere around February 2013.

And in DIY, Sharon Vaknin drills and jigsaws her home theater component cabinet to install a fan with a temperature sensor to keep her gadgets cool. Yeah, seriously, how awesome is this woman!? It's a fantastic DIY, and she has a supercute living room, to boot.

Now, I know last week I mentioned I would have to wait for an unlocked iPhone 5 to start torturing, but we've worked some Always On magic and have already started torturing a black one! We'll have that for you next week! And we'll have another Torture Test giveaway at the end of this week: the MacBook Air we tortured by driving away with it on the roof, and more.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode, and as always, keep the feedback coming! Special shout-out to our editor, Vanessa Perez, who does the Mailbag and makes it quite possibly the best segment in the show. Check out what she does with a torture test suggestion this week. It's epic. Nice work, Vanessa!