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Epic skydiving with the Sony A7R camera

An Australian cinematographer makes a marketing video showing how you can change lenses during a skydive (if you're into that sort of thing).

Screenshot by CNET

Simon Hammond has previously been the visual brain behind campaigns for brands like Red Bull, Olympus, and Motorola. In this marketing video for Sony, he takes the concept of changing lenses to an entirely new -- stratospheric -- level.

The Sony A7R is an interchangeable-lens camera with a 36-megapixel sensor and no optical low-pass filter, which means images should be sharper than those from cameras with the filter in place. You can read our review of its companion camera, the A7, here.

There isn't really any other information about the video or how it was made, so we suggest you just sit back and enjoy a look at the most epic lens change we've ever seen. It's a clever bit of marketing, even if we're not entirely sure that the lens swap in the closeup could really be performed so steadily while hurtling toward the ground.

(Source: CNET Australia)