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Epic makeup deal on Maybelline, NYX, L'Oreal Paris and more: Up to 36% off at Amazon

Get all your essential eye, hand and lip makeup needs here with this deal of the day.


Today is the day for tossing out your old makeup for a newer replacement with a longer shelf life. If you're already at the end of your liquid lipstick or you're running out of your prized fingernail polish, you should check this deal of the day at Amazon where you can get up to 36% off on some new makeup. And considering how much makeup cost in bulk purchases from brands like Maybelline, NYX and more, the size of the discount is why I am recommending this deal.

This deal is best for people looking for eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, polish and lip care. While you will find liquid foundations and palettes during this deal, both items aren't going to fit the wide range of skin tones or color stories you have in mind for the look you're trying to go for, especially if you're looking for foundation. That said, you're definitely going to find eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and polish that you like because those items are much more neutral to buy -- it's the kind of makeup that can work for anyone.