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Epic 'Arrow' battle is better with lightsabers

Thanks to a fan-made video, "Star Wars" meets "Arrow" as Oliver and Ra's al Ghul fight it out the way they do in a galaxy far, far away.

Warning: If you haven't watched the CW network's "Arrow" through to the midseason finale, you might want to skip this video and article. In other words: Spoilers ahead!

The midseason finale of the CW network's "Arrow" TV series featured quite the fight scene between League of Assassins bigwig Ra's al Ghul and Starling City defender Oliver Queen (aka Arrow). There was an impossible climb. There was snow. There was an impressive assortment of blades. There were bare chests. There was even a prayer in an unintelligible language. So what was the episode missing? Lightsabers, that's what!

Fear not! YouTuber Dave Jones has remedied that problem with a video that arms Ra's and Oliver with the blades of light that make the fight scene (as well as another from earlier in the episode) absolutely epic. (There are also a few other "Star Wars" Easter eggs dropped in, but we'll leave you to find them for yourself.)

The video is the third in a series Jones created called "Arrow Jedi" that mash up the film franchise with the TV hit. You can see episode one here, and the second in the trilogy here. This also isn't the first time Jones has played with superhero fan videos. A quick look at his collection here reveals videos featuring Superman, Batman and the Canary, among others. Which is your favorite?