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Epic apologizes to Muslim man blocked from Paragon beta signup

The man's name matched one on a government list.

Paragon developer Epic has apologized to Muhammad Zahir Khan, who was blocked from signing up for the MOBA's beta because his name was on a government list.

Khan initially thought he was being hacked, but after trying to sign up again and receiving the same result, he took this concern to Twitter (via Kotaku).

The name Muhammad Khan matches names that are on the Specially Designated Nationals list. The list is maintained by the United States of America's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Epic co-founder Tim Sweeney responded to Khan on Twitter, apologizing for the restriction and confirming that the developer was working on a fix.

Sweeney said Epic had reused code from Unreal Engine 4 when creating the Paragon signup page, saying the code is used for paid commercial access to the engine. He says the developer did not foresee this happening.

Khan said on Twitter that he's grateful for Sweeney's apology and Epic's work on fixing the mistake.