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Eos beams iPod audio around the house

Intellitouch's Eos is an inexpensive, wireless, "whole house" iPod speaker system.

Crave first spotted this one a few weeks ago, and now Intellitouch has announced its inexpensive, wireless "whole house" iPod speaker system.

The Eos works with up to four wireless speakers. Intellitouch

The Eos system consists of an iPod dock/base station with integrated speakers and a subwoofer, and separate Wi-Fi speakers. The base station can transmit audio to as many as four wireless speakers; each speaker has a removable power supply so that you can mount it directly on a power outlet or place it on any surface like a bookshelf system. Intellitouch claims that in contrast to existing wireless speaker systems, its GigaWave technology can transmit CD-quality audio up to 150 feet through walls and ceilings. (We'll find out when we get our hands on one.)

An optional weatherproof wireless outdoor amp connects to standard landscape speakers. The Eos system will be available in March in either white or black; Intellitouch is currently taking preorders. The core system with the base station and one wireless speaker is $299 (the base station is also sold separately for $129). Additional wireless speakers and the outdoor amplifier are $129 each.