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Envision a Google Glass world by 2014

Google co-founder Sergey Brin sees consumers buying Glass in two years' time, new Google+ Events can auto upload embarassment, and Zynga gives gamers something to whoopee about.

Thursday's big headlines still have us basking in the Google gadget glow:

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin says he envisions consumers buying Google Glass by 2014, just a year after developers get to experiment with the version called Explorer Edition. Right now only bleeding-edge techies at the Google I/O conference get to preorder the augmented reality glasses for $1,500. But once those models ship next year, it wouldn't surprise me to see some being sold for high prices on eBay.

Already, someone from the conference is selling the attendee freebie Nexus 7 tablet on eBay, if you just can't wait a couple weeks for it to be sold for less. But if you can't wait, at least first check out the full review of the Nexus 7.

The Nexus Q orb rolled into our labs today. There's been lots of talk about how expensive it is considering it doesn't do much more than other streaming services. But part of that high $300 price tag is due to the fact that it was made in the USA.

The Google news rolls on with updates to software and services. The Chrome browser and Google Drive storage service will come to Apple's iOS devices. And you might want to dust off the cobwebs on your Google+ account and check out the new Events feature. If for no other reason than to prepare yourself for a possible photo faux pas.

If you have an Android phone with the new Google+ app, you can turn on Party Mode to upload photos to the event page in real time. It will post photos in chronological order. But if party mode is on, it means every photo will be uploaded. Now this can be a great way to document an event in one place. But if the party gets rowdy, you can imagine how many regrettable photos can be automatically shared with the world.

But there's more to life than Google. Certainly Zynga is adding some spice to life with its new game The Ville on Facebook. It borrows many ideas from The Sims and is the first Zynga game where you can make virtual whoopee with other players. (Yet there's no option for marriage or kids.) If that doesn't float your boat, Zynga announced several other games that might help you waste time at work.

And be sure to watch Wednesday's Update for a catch-up on all the big Google announcements.

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