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Environmentally friendly toaster saves planet and breakfast

Morphy Richards Ecolectric Toaster cooks toast in less time and with less energy

It's not always that the hottest trends in design coincide with the most efficient. When it comes to many modern appliances, however, energy efficiency has become a key criterion in comparing one to the next. Consumers have spoken, and what they're asking for are appliances that use their energy more effectively and reduce waste.

The trend has expanded to include even the simplest kitchen gadgets. Take this toaster by Morphy Richards, for instance: dubbed the 'Ecolectric," it promises an evenly browned slice of toast every time for an energy cost of 35 percent less.

The secret to its energy savings is in its automatically closing lid, which retains heat for faster toasting and less waste. And the toaster isn't the only thing that saves energy--because it has a motorized bread carriage, your toast comes out of its own accord. The chamber holds a variety of different sizes of breads (up to two if you're hungry).

The Ecolectric is available in black or silver in the U.K.