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Entry-level Sony LCD gives higher-end performance

The commendable picture quality of Sony's entry-level 120Hz-equipped LCD makes it a very good value.

The Sony KDL-V5100 series produces a fine picture for the money. Sarah Tew

Sony's extensive LCD lineup includes a range of higher-end models, but the KDL-V5100 is not among them. This is Sony's least expensive series of 2009 HDTVs to include 120Hz processing, and it lacks the interactive extras and design complexities of its step-up brethren.

It does include nearly all of the picture-related control on those models, however, and its overall image quality is just as good. Naturally you'll still pay premium compared to bargain brands, but the solid performance and well-rounded, essential features of the V5100 series makes it one of Sony's most compelling values.

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