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Entrepreneurs, the time is now!

Haven't Google and Facebook sucked up enough of the valley's talent? Go write your business plan and get some VC dollars.

Reading about the demise of Edgeio over on Techcrunch made me think a bit about being an entrepreneur and wonder what's happened to the valley. Having been through the tech downturn here in SF and watching two companies I worked for go public only to flame out I should be last person who felt the desire to start a company. But, what's the point of living in the bay area if you can't seize the opportunity for technology greatness?

There seem to be less startups lately and I'm starting to wonder if would-be founders are taking the weak route and going to work for Google and Facebook rather than going for the gusto themselves. I fail to see the appeal of spending $100k for an MBA to get a product manager job at a big company when there is a wealth of venture dollars available.

Back in 1998, I dare say that 50% or more of Stanford B-school grads founded companies (I am sure someone will prove me statistically wrong but it certainly felt that way.) Yes, it was a bubble, and yes, a great many companies were founded on pure ego and stupidity (whither but that's not the point.

My point is that there are more opportunities and more cash available than ever. Even if your company flames out isn't that better than not trying yourself? To quote Queens of the Stone Age "You ain't a has-been, if you never was."