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Entecho hoverpod: The future of travel?

Aussies put their stamp on the Jetsons' preferred way of travel.

Entecho hoverpod
Entecho's flying saucer could give the Parajet Skycar and Terrafugia's flying car a run for their money. Entecho

Ever since I had my first taste of an English Channel crossing on a hovercraft and puking my guts out, it's been a mighty long wait to see a more personal form of flying saucer materialize for public use. Now, thanks to Entecho, we could someday join the Jetsons zipping around in a world teeming with air cars.

Aside from wondering if these are as fun as bumper cars at carnivals if one accidentally knocks another flying pod off its axis, Entecho's application utilizes fan-forced flight. Huge hidden blades spin to give the craft lift, with the skirt around it providing directional manipulation. More on its intriguing takeoff technology here.

According to specs, this Aussie initiative can hover up to 5 feet above ground, cruise at a maximum speed of 75 mph, has a range of just under 2 miles, and can seat three comfortably. Of course, this is still in the development stage, though by the time it emerges from its cocoon, the Entecho Hoverpod should be more than ready to deploy solar or even fuel cell technology to power its flight.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmag)