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Enough Zs to put you to sleep

HandHeld Entertainment launches its first MP3 player, the ZVUE ZP3

Okay not very nice, though I do give props to the company that came out with a decent sub-$100 PVP way before "sub-$100" was even standard jargon for plain old MP3 players (that was about three years ago). Now HandHeld Entertainment presents its first MP3 player--the ZVUE ZP3--yes, zat's right, ZP3.

HandHeld Entertainment

The standard thumbdrive-style player features a whopping 512MB and supports MP3, WMA, and WAV files. Additionally, the ZP3 has a voice recorder and eight hours of battery life per AA battery. Charmed yet?

The ZP3 differentiates itself by coming preloaded with 30 "great songs" of 2006, including...well, actually, the press release doesn't say (though a representative said all the artists are from one major label). Vagueness aside, we're hoping that the playlist includes some K-Fed, Ashlee Simpson, and Paris...not. Expect to see the ZP3 on the streets after Thanksgiving.