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Enough with the color-changey stuff already

Ambient orbs and Zen devices are getting on my nerves.

Sci Fi Tech

Good morning, Cravers. (Or good afternoon, or good evening. The Internet is a global phenomenon, after all.) I'm here to ask you all if anyone else has come to the same conclusion I have: that there has been a disturbing influx of color-changing devices that give off "a soft glow," or maybe "ambient light," or even a "Zen atmosphere." Anyone else notice that? These things are all over ThinkGeek, and now I'm seeing another variety (pictured) showcased on the Sci Fi Tech blog. Not to mention those penguins.

I trace this all back to the emergence of the Nabaztag bunny, as well as the sudden coolness of LED lighting as a feasible solution for large-scale indoor illumination. Yes, I know that part of being a gadget lover is the occasional irrational desire for something totally useless. But please, this is getting to be a little much.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the only one out there who's not a fan of cluttering up an already space-constrained desk, bedroom, or workspace; or of opting for expensive lighting solutions that probably will just make everything look weird and disco-ish anyway. Want Zen? Find some Gregorian chants on the iTunes Store, turn the darned lights off, and close your eyes.

That being said, have a lovely day, everyone.