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Enigma E2 is 'world's most secure mobile,' costs a bomb

Live in fear that Big Brother is wiretapping your phone? Tripleton's Enigma E2 eliminates the need to talk in code with its security features, but it comes at a price.

If you lie awake at night worrying about faceless organizations listening in to your mobile phone calls and making judgments on the minutiae of your miserable life, then help is at hand.

The Tripleton Enigma E2 is being billed as the world's most secure mobile -- and it has a serious price tag to match: $2,094.

Sure, it may look just like any old candybar phone, but it's proofed against "man in the middle" mobile attacks -- whereby someone in possession of a briefcase-size gadget can intercept your calls by tricking your phone into thinking their suitcase is actually a mobile base station.

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