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England out of 3D World Cup, and not even on penalties

England is out of the 3D World Cup without even kicking a ball: no England matches will be filmed in 3D, and you wouldn't be able to watch them even if they were

England are out of the World Cup before it even starts -- the 3D World Cup, that is. Sony and FIFA have announced which games will be filmed in 3D, and England aren't in any of them.

In order to even get a run-out in 3D, England will have to progress to at least the quarter-finals. But even then, we aren't likely to see Wayne Rooney et al in glorious 3D in this country: World Cup rights are held by BBC and ITV, neither of which broadcast in 3D.

Sky launched its 3D channel last week, but has no rights to the World Cup.

Five of the ten South African stadiums hosting the competition will be set up to film the 25 3D matches. Four 3D camera pairs will be at pitch level, with three wide-angle rigs set 10-12m from the ground. Some 2D footage shot by standard 2D cameras around the ground will also be converted to 3D on the fly. The footage will then be sold to broadcasters, with US channel ESPN and Spain's Sogecable [Digital+] the first to secure 3D deals.

The 25 3D games will include the opening match, South Africa v Mexico on 11 June, and the glorious footballing spectacle that is Slovenia v USA. If you're jonesing for a World Cup 3D fix, eight 3D games will be shown in 50 cinemas and at five public screens in this country.

The 2010 World Cup in 3D


  • 11 South Africa v Mexico
  • 12 Argentina v Nigeria
  • 13 Gemany v Australia
  • 14 Netherlands v Denmark
  • 15 Brazil v Korea DPR
  • 16 Spain v Switzerland
  • 17 Argentina v Korea Republic
  • 18 Slovenia v USA
  • 19 Netherlands v Japan
  • 20 Brazil v Ivory Coast
  • 21 Spain v Honduras
  • 22 Nigeria v Korea Republic
  • 23 Ghana v Germany
  • 24 Slovakia v Italy
  • 25 Portugal v Brazil
  • 27 Winner group B v Runner-up group A
  • 28 Winner group E v Runner-up group F
  • 28 Winner group G v Runner-up group H


  • 2 Quarter-final
  • 2 Quarter-final
  • 3 Quarter-final
  • 3 Quarter-final
  • 6 Semi-final
  • 7 Semi-final
  • 10 3rd place play-off
  • 11 Final

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