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England mi-football: Music on the ball

If you're football crazy/football mad, the mi-football iPod speaker dock is for you

From Hoddle and Waddle's Diamond Lights to Liverpool's Anfield Rap, football and music go together like Best and Charlton, Keegan and Dalglish, Ant and Dec. The England mi-football 2.1 iPod speaker lets you get all patriotic and listen to your favourite tunes.

As well as iPod and iPhones, the mi-football supports other MP3 players via a 3.5mm connection or Bluetooth. It's controlled by remote or Capriccioso Sense Control (CSC) microchip, which allows you to scroll through iPod menus by stroking the patches on the ball.

You can put it next to your England laptop. We've already highlighted our favourite tellies for the football season, or when you're away from home, follow the results with the Sky Sports Football Score Centre.

The England mi-football comes in white with either patriotic red or blue, or traditional black patches. It costs £80. Alright, let's see how it's really done: