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Endgame: Soldier arrested after he goes AWOL to watch Avengers flick

Some things are just worth risking it all for.


The end times.


Avengers: Infinity War broke our hearts, and now Avengers: Endgame is breaking all sorts of box office records. Because approximately everyone on the planet seems to be rushing out to see the Marvel flick, we've seen some strange stories come out of launch week, including but not limited to a measles outbreak within a cinema. 

Here's one to add to the list. A solider in South Korea's Republic of Korea Air Force briefly went AWOL, disappearing from a squad that was deployed to perform public services, but was soon found to be watching Endgame in a local theater, reports South Korean station WowTV.

The solider was tracked down with the help of a taxi driver, who had dropped him off at the cinema. 

"I wanted to see the Avengers movie so I ran away from the site while we were standing by," the solider said according to a translation by Kotaku.

The soldier is now under investigation, but the report notes that the solider was arrested as he was leaving the cinema. That presumably means he saw the entire thing. In a way that gives this story a happy ending?

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Avengers: Endgame, the culmination in many ways of over a decades-worth of Marvel films, has broken all sorts of box office records with just a snap of its fingers. The film had the biggest first day ever in North America with an estimated $156.7 million (including Thursday previews). It pulled off the biggest global opening in movie history, hauling in an estimated $1.2 billion worldwide as of Sunday morning. It's also Hollywood's biggest-ever import to China.

With people around the world going to cinemas in such a mind-boggling volume, there has been some controversy. Los Angeles authorities are warning people that attended a midnight screening of Endgame at the AMC Theater in Fullerton, California on April 25 the may have been exposed to the measles. A man was beaten in a Hong Kong cinema after he loudly announced Endgame spoilers to cinemagoers about to see the flick, according to the New York Post.

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