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Encouraging family time within a company's culture

One of the primary reasons I love my company is that it is so flexible about family arrangements.

Jessica Sant and the Alfresco kids Matt Asay

My company, Alfresco, has a pretty laidback company culture. We work hard and pretty much all the time, as near as I can tell, but it's also a culture that is friendly to families.

How friendly? This morning, Jessica Sant, one of our key developers, and I wanted to meet up because she was in town. However, we both had encumbrances, also known as "kids."

No problem! Along came Amiya, Greta, and Lily.

Over breakfast we talked through the work that Jessica is doing on Alfresco's Network offering, as well as ways to improve processes and communication within the company. We also buttered rolls and cleaned up milk spills.

I love Alfresco. I'm sorry to have to gush about it, but I love any company that recognizes that work is not the only aspect of someone's life, and manages to let people integrate work and family when necessary. Alfresco is such a company. I hope you work for one like this, too.

As a final point, some of you may know that Jessica used to work for JBoss. Let's just say that this Alfresco off-site looks quite different from a JBoss off-site. :-)