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Employees rank best places to work

Glassdoor announces the year's best companies in the eyes of worker bees. Only one tech company made it into the top 10.

Career site has announced the employees' choice awards for the top 50 best places to work. Unfortunately, tech companies didn't make the top five.

According to Glassdoor, Southwest Airlines, General Mills, Slalom Consulting, Bain & Co., and McKinsey & Co. were the best places to work this year. Only General Mills and Bain & Co. were in the top five last year.

On the tech side, it was enterprise-solution provider Juniper Networks that led the way for the industry, placing 10th in the list with a 3.9 (out of 5) company rating from employees. Google placed 14th with a 3.9 rating, followed by NetApp, which also received a 3.9 rating. Last year, Google was ranked seventh on the list. NetApp was ranked 10th.

Some other tech notables from the list: Apple placed 22nd with a 3.8 company rating, which is a little lower than last year's 19th place. Online career site CareerBuilder took the 26th spot with a 3.7 rating. The site experienced a steep decline, dropping eight spots from its 2008 ranking of 18th.

But it was Adobe Systems that declined most of all the tech companies on the list. The company placed fourth last year. This year, its rating slipped to 3.7, giving it the 29th spot on the list.

Intel is new to the list this year, garnering a 3.6 rating and taking 41st place. Best Buy inched up to 45th place from 46th last year with a 3.6 rating as well.

CEO ratings
Glassdoor also asked employees to rate their CEOs. According to the company, Google CEO Eric Schmidt received an 87 percent approval rating from employees, while Apple CEO Steve Jobs scored a 91 percent approval rating. CareerBuilder's Matt Ferguson had a 78 percent approval rating. Adobe's Shantanu Narayen had a relatively low 60 percent approval rating. Best Buy's Brad Anderson didn't fare too well either, garnering a 64 percent approval rating from his employees.