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'Empire Strikes Back' trailer recut in stunning 'Rogue One' style

A Star Wars fan with a keen eye for trailers updates "The Empire Strikes Back" by mashing it up with the music and feel of the "Rogue One" trailer.

The latest "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" trailer is a fine example of modern trailer-making prowess. The music builds, we meet our stars, the tension ramps up. It's also a stark reminder of just how much trailers have changed since the earlier days of the original Star Wars movies.

YouTube user Medley Weaver took the aesthetics, pace and music from the "Rogue One" trailer and applied it to a new, recut trailer for "The Empire Strikes Back." The result is magical.

The choice of clips and voice-over dialogue work well with the pacing of the "Rogue One" music. It will remind old-school Star Wars fans and newcomers alike just how epic "Empire" was. And, yes, the trailer finishes up by highlighting Darth Vader, whose appearance at the end of the "Rogue One" trailer caused a lot of excitement.

As with all good trailers, the new version for "Empire" doesn't give too much away. We meet all our heroes, though it focuses on Luke's journey. There's action, drama and suspense. If you haven't watched "Empire" in some time, this trailer may make you want to run for your movie collection for a fresh viewing.