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Strike back at cold temps with new Star Wars jackets

Fans can fight Hoth-like weather conditions with these new Star Wars jackets based on outfits worn in "The Empire Strikes Back."


Dress like you're ready to battle AT-ATs in the snow with these limited-edition Star Wars jackets based on costumes from "The Empire Strikes Back."

Columbia Sportswear

New jackets inspired by Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker could help Star Wars fans keep out the cold while showing their love for the classic movie "The Empire Strikes Back."

The limited-edition jackets from Oregon-based Columbia Sportswear not only double as stylish casual cosplay, they also presumably can withstand the kind of weather only previously tolerated by wampas. 

The Leia Organa Echo Base Jacket is a white versatile jacket and vest combination, crafted from a durable, water-resistant, cotton-blend fabric. Leia's jacket includes a hood, seam piping, and gusset sleeves, which are all very similar to Leia's Hoth costume in "The Empire Strikes Back."

The Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket is warmer than the inside of a tauntaun (no, not lukewarm) and presumably smells a lot better too. Made from a durable water-resistant cotton-blend, Luke's jacket-vest also has a stowable hood. The jacket is based off Luke's original Hoth costume in the movie.

The Han Solo Echo Base Parka is constructed with a study water-resistant, cotton-blend fabric. Han's jacket features useful and geeky elements including multiple closures, a leather Rebel patch, and quilted faux-fur (not made from Wookiee fur) trimmed hood, just like Han's movie costume. 

The collectors-edition of Han Solo's parka is signed by Star Wars actor Harrison Ford. 

Columbia Sportswear

All jackets come with "Omni-Heat" insulation inside, which uses your natural body heat to keep you extra toasty.

The new "Empire Strikes Back" jackets retail for $400 (about £297 or AU$526) and are available in limited quantities, on Columbia's website and at select retail locations in the US starting December 8.

For Star Wars fans who want something extra special to keep them warm this winter, Columbia Sportswear is also offering a limited-edition brown version of Han's parka signed by the Han Solo actor himself, Harrison Ford. 

This collectors' jacket retails for $1,980 (about £1,469 or AU$2,604) and all of the proceeds from these jackets go to the nature charity Conservation International

Previously, Columbia Sportswear sold Star Wars jackets based on costumes from last year's "Rogue One" movie. 

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