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Emojli, the first emoji-only social network (smiley face?)

Tired of the spam and hashtags abundant on Twitter and Facebook? Check out an emoji-only social network that promises no spam "because there isn't an emoji for spam."

With all the spam, trolls, and hashtags on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it's clear social networking is a big mess. At least, that's the argument behind Emojli, a new kind of social network launching soon on iOS that lets users skip the pesky words and communicate using just symbols. :-) or :-( ?

The whole Emojli network is emoji based, from usernames to status updates. Matt Gray and Tom Scott, the creators of Emojli, claim there won't be any spam on their social network because there isn't an emoji for spam, and the worst message you can receive is a picture of a pile of poop. Compared to some of the, well, dung we've all seen in mentions and direct messages on Twitter, I'd say a picture of it isn't all that bad.

"Now we know what you're thinking: This is satire. No one would actually make this thing. It's not, and we have," they say.

Emojli will launch on iOS soon, and will make its way to other platforms later this year. To reserve your username, which can of course only be in emoji, head over to Emojli's launch page.

Soon, you'll be able to launch virtual poos at your friends on Emojli. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Laughing Squid)