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Emo universe slowly creating less energy, wearing more black holes (Tomorrow Daily 223)

Ashley and Khail discuss the futility of life after learning the universe is slowly making fewer stars, explain how the "John Wick" franchise will utilize VR and watch astronauts eat lettuce grown in space.

For those of you searching frantically for yesterday's show, we didn't have one. Sorry we missed you! We'll try to make up for it today with a bunch of fun stories about outer space and Keanu Reeves movies getting VR adaptations.

First up, we have to address the study that says our universe is slowly dying. That's partially true, as the universe is outputting about half the energy it used to 2 billion years ago, but it'll also take trillions of years to slip into nothingness, so you're probably still good to plan that dream vacation you've always wanted to take.

Action flick "John Wick" will be getting a VR game adaptation, with the film's producers working closely with the game's developers to bring the franchise's universe to life in virtual reality headsets. It's cross-platform too, so you don't have to worry about being forced to buy one particular headset just to experience this upcoming first-person shooter.

ISS astronauts became the first humans ever to eat food grown entirely in space, which is a huge step towards growing fruits and vegetables on a manned mission to Mars. Obviously, we can't pack rations for the entire mission on a ship, so astronauts will depend on the ability to grow various types of food while they travel through space. This experiment was a great step towards that goal, not to mention it was fun watching floating astronauts chow down on space salad.

Lastly, we're giving you the chance to vote on who won Campbell's Crew Challenge. Is it Ashley, Khail or Producer Logan? Watch the show, pick your favorite picture and vote on Twitter or YouTube!

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223: Emo universe slowly creating less energy, wearing more black holes

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