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Emo jacket for the movies (emo boy not included)

Philips Electronics is working on a jacket that can let you more closely experience the on-screen action--causing a shiver to go up your spine, for example, or creating a feeling of tension in your limbs.

Philips researchers are working on a jacket lined with motors that can simulate characters' experiences on-screen. Steve Brewster

This one's from a research team at Philips Electronics.

Designed to enhance the emotional experience of watching a movie, the emo jacket comprises 64 independent actuators, arranged in 16 groups of 4, across the arms and torso. Eight of these, spaced 6 inches apart and located on each sleeve, can create the illusion of being tapped in several spots.

A pair of AA-size cells is sufficient to keep the jacket juiced for an hour, though the team should be looking at extending this since most movies run for about two hours on average.

Lest you're worried, the garment won't actually punch you in the stomach or enact any other such damage. Instead, it's meant to let you more closely immerse yourself in the experiences of the characters on-screen.

This is done via signals encoded on a DVD that are transmitted to the jacket on the fly to run a shiver up the viewer's spine, for example, or create a feeling of tension in the limbs.

If you are wondering whether the jacket comes with matching pants, the answer is no. We can guess why, especially when things start vibrating down south.

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