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Emma Watson sings in new 'Beauty and the Beast' TV spot

Brief Disney ad reveals Harry Potter star singing snippets from "Belle" as scenes from the film unfurl.

Hit those high notes, Hermione! Fans of Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who is playing Belle in the live-action remake of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," heard the actress break into song in the film's new television spot, which premiered Sunday night during the Golden Globe Awards.

As the movie scenes unfold, Watson is heard singing "Belle," in which she longs for adventure "in the great wide somewhere." The ad is just 30 seconds long, but Watson nails the vocal performance as confidently as Hermione tackles a Potions test, and fans were thrilled.

A new poster for the film, which opens March 17, was released earlier Sunday.

Much of the cast of "Beauty and the Beast" can be found on the new poster.