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EMI, Grooveshark settle lawsuit

Today's settlement removes a big roadblock to people who might have considered using Grooveshark's paid music services but were uncertain about its legal status.

Grooveshark, my favorite free music streaming service, made an important announcement earlier today: the company has settled a lawsuit brought against it by EMI, one of the big four record labels, and has licensed EMI's catalog.

The company is still negotiating terms with other copyright holders, but to my knowledge EMI was the only one that had sued Grooveshark. So with this legal uncertainty out of the way, I can more confidently recommend Grooveshark's $3-a-month premium service, which offers early access to new features (the latest update includes better organization of search results and a slider to move you to particular parts of a song). If other licensing deals follow, Apple might finally approve Grooveshark's planned iPhone app, offering on-demand streams from Grooveshark's massive user-sourced music library.