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EMC unveils IP storage products

Data storage giant EMC introduced on Monday storage devices that can connect to computers using commonplace Internet Protocol networks. EMC said its new disk storage products with support for the Internet small computer system interface, or iSCSI, will allow customers to put together lower-cost networked storage systems. EMC said its Clariion disk arrays with iSCSI support begin at $5,995. Also on Monday, EMC partner Dell announced a disk array with iSCSI technology called the Dell/EMC AX100i, starting at $4,999. Up to now, many networked storage systems have employed the Fiber Channel interface, using specialized networking equipment. Networked storage is an alternative to directly attaching disks to server computers and is seen as more efficient.

iSCSI has taken off more slowly than expected. But it has gotten a push in recent years from vendors including Microsoft. Other companies offering iSCSI storage products include Network Appliance and IBM.