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These temp-controlled mugs keep coffee warm and are on deep discount, today only

Plus a big powerful blender and indoor griddle are 50% off today at Best Buy.

Best Buy
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It's not easy drinking a cup of tea or coffee before it gets cold, and I'd know since I try every day. You set it down piping hot in one room, go into another for what feels like two minutes, and come back to a cup of cold joe. But what if there was a smart mug that kept the contents warm so you could sip at your own leisure? Well, there is and three different Ember temperature-controlled ceramic mugs are currently on sale at Best Buy down under $50 for a 10-ounce mug (down from $80) and $65 for the 14-ounce (down from $130), for today only.

The Ember mug will stay heated for as much as an hour when it's fully charged. And as long as the charging saucer is near, it'll stay charged all day. You are able to adjust the heat depending on how hot you like things, and you'll even be able to set the temperature remotely and save presets for your favorite beverages. The mug is ultimately too pricey at its regular retail price, but at these prices, it'll make a great gift.

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The Ember mug comes in black or white and includes Best Buy's free and fast shipping. Or you can order online and pick it up at a local brick-and-mortar location anytime.

Best Buy

This larger 14-ounce mug comes in matte black only and is 50% right now at Best Buy.

But that's not all. A powerful Ninja 10-speed blender is 50% off down under $100 and this popular Cuisinart indoor griddle and panini press is also half off, down under $40, today only at Best Buy.