Embarrass your friends, win a camera

As if snapping humiliating pics of your pals wasn't fun enough, now you can score a camera phone for those embarassing shots.

As part of a campaign to launch its K300i phone, Sony Ericcson is sponsoring an embarrassing-photo contest, reports Softpedia.

Head over to Shame Academy to get the rules of the game: "Each picture shown on the site can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being dull (think graduation picture/photo of your gran's cat), and 10 being side-splittingly, rib-crackingly hilarious. Or shameful, painful or just plain wrong (for instance, a mate snogging your gran's cat)." Snogging, for those who live on the North American side of the pond, is British-speak for making out.

The site averages the overall rating for each picture, with the photographer who snapped the highest-scoring shot at the end of each week netting a camera, according to the rules.

Categories of shame include "You Don't Want To Do That," "Doh!," "It's a Setup" and the ever-dreaded "One Too Many."
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