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Email voting could replace Congress

A new program has been developed that uses email to put voting action online. Its creator hopes eVote will lead to direct democracy, and ultimately, to a global consensus.

A new program has been developed that could put voting action online. Called eVote, the program lets users pose questions and vote via email.

eVote uses a database that works with a mailing list program called Majordomo, which allows anyone on the list to send a message to everyone else on the list.

The creator of eVote, Marilyn Davis, hopes the program will eventually replace representative government with a method that allows citizens to decide issues for themselves. Says Davis, "I'm building a facility for global democracy."

Although eVote is not likely to be too popular with politicians, Davis is offering her program free for the first year and for $80 thereafter. Copies are available by contacting Davis via her email address at