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eMachines goes wireless

The low-price PC maker aims to increase its competitiveness in the retail market with a wireless notebook.

eMachines on Monday updated its notebook PC with a wireless connection, a faster processor and a lower price.

The newest eMachines notebook, the M5310, features Broadcom's 54g wireless network chipset. The chipset allows the notebook to connect to wireless networks using the newly approved 802.11g standard or the more common 802.11b standard.

eMachines is best known for its low-price desktop PCs. But the company has recently mounted an effort to expand its product line with a notebook, launched in May, and a new line of flat-panel displays that began appearing last week at retail.

With the new notebook, eMachines lowered the price by $50 from the previous model in an effort to boost its competitiveness with similar notebooks from Hewlett-Packard and others. The M5310 will list for $1,199.

The eMachines notebook is one of a handful of models with a 15.4-inch, wide-angle display. The company also gave it a boost by moving to an Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon XP-M 2400+ processor and by adding a 1394, or FireWire, port.

The M5310 also comes with 512MB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive and a combination CD-burner/DVD-ROM drive. It weighs 6.5 pounds.

The company's previous notebook, the M5305, listed for $1,249, came with an Athlon XP-M 2200+ processor and did not include a wireless connection.