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eMachines goes all AMD on new desktops

Gateway's eMachines division has released four new desktops that could be further evidence of the effect Intel's low-end desktop chipset problems have had on component choices.

The four new systems all use Sempron or Athlon 64 processors from AMD. Detailed specifications are available on eMachines' site.

Last January, eMachines announced a lineup of low-cost desktops that was all Intel. But shortages of chipsets for low-end Intel processors in the second half of last year have allowed AMD to pick up market share in the desktop category. In June 2005, eMachines announced two Intel-based systems and two AMD-based systems. By September, four of the company's new desktops came with AMD processors.

An eMachines spokeswoman declined to comment on why the new desktops are all AMD-based, but said the company makes decisions on its configurations based on feedback from its retailers.

eMachines also announced a new 15-inch notebook Wednesday with AMD's Turion MT-32 processor that will be exclusively available at Wal-Mart's retail stores.